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What is the Purpose of Estate Administration?

Creating an estate plan is ideal for those who wish for certain people to receive their properties and assets after they pass away. Administering an estate is handled by an administrator, who is nominated by the court, or an executor, who is nominated by the decedent. There are three main purposes and phases of estate planning- all which are incredibly important and necessary for an estate to be distributed according to a decedent's will. The first purpose and phase is to gather the deceased's property, file the appropriate paperwork with the court and tax authorities, and notify beneficiaries and heirs of the loved one's passing. Next, all debts and taxes must be paid before distributing the estate. If money left by the decedent does not cover all taxes and debts, properties or assets may be sold in order to repay debts. After these steps are properly completed, the estate may be distributed according to the decedent's will. If you have been named an executor or administrator and are unsure of the estate administration process, please contact a Concord probate attorney at our firm to see how they may be able to help!

If There is Not a Will

If a loved one did not draft a valid will before they passed away, they are said to have died intestate. This means that their property and assets will be divided according to New Hampshire laws. Even if the loved one verbally expressed to family members who they wanted their estate to go to before they died, a valid will must have been created in order to present it to the probate court for estate administration. The State of New Hampshire does accept oral wills, but only if they follow specific guidelines. For a person to create a valid written will in New Hampshire, they must be at least 18 years of age, be of sound mind, sign their will, have two witnesses who are not in the will sign the will, and list the appropriate beneficiaries. If a will is created, but found to be invalid by the probate court, New Hampshire will distribute the decedent's estate according to their state regulations.

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If you wish certain family members or loved ones to receive your property and assets after you pass, it is imperative that you create a will. If a will is not created, your estate may be distributed to people who you did not want to receive your assets and property. Our firm may create wills and estate plans for clients who wish to distribute their property to certain loved ones. For those who have been named executor or administrator, and need assistance with estate administration, you may also contact our firm. We have over 20 years of probate experience, and may be able to assist clients with all their probate needs!

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