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In the State of New Hampshire, guardians can be elected to care for a minor, manage a minor's estate, care for a minor as well as manage their estate, and care for an incapacitated loved one. A guardian is needed when the parent or previously appointed ward can no longer care for a child or incapacitated loved one. For those who have young families or are caring for a disabled person, it may be in everyone's best interest to elect a guardian. That way, if something should happen to you and your spouse, and you become unable to provide care for your loved ones, they will be cared for by a person you trust, instead of by a person chosen by the state. If you wish to elect a guardian and update your will to reflect such changes, contact a Concord probate attorney from Hebert & Dolder PLLC.

Guardianship Guidelines

A person may become a guardian via a parent or ward's election, or through the state. If a parent or ward elects someone to be their children or incapacitated loved one's guardian, and the court deems that person as suitable, the elected person may become their guardian. However, before electing a guardian, a parent or ward must discuss the financial, emotional, and mental demands that a guardian must endure. Becoming a guardian of a child or incapacitated person is essentially the same as becoming their parent. A guardian is responsible for the child or incapacitated person's wellbeing and upbringing. For example, a guardian is responsible for taking a child or disabled individual to see a doctor if they become ill. The guardian a parent or ward elects must be aware of these responsibilities before agreeing to take on such an important role. In the State of New Hampshire, most guardianship cases are processed in the probate court. Guardianships of minor children, however, are processed in the Family Division court.

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Oftentimes, when a person is elected to care for a minor child, they are also elected to manage the minor's estate. However, if a child has inherited property or assets from a loved one, a parent or ward will be elected to manage it until the child reaches legal age. The court, parent, or ward, can set certain guidelines for the guardian to follow, which must be obeyed. If you wish to elect a guardian, our guardianship attorneys may be able to assist you in choosing the right person or people to care for your loved ones. We may also create a new will, or amend a prior will to state said elections. Please schedule an appointment with one of our probate attorneys in Concord. After speaking with them, you can rest assured knowing that your children or incapacitated loved one will be cared for by someone you trust if you become unable to do so.

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