Hiring a Lawyer: Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have prior experience with business litigation, you may wish to hire a lawyer. Attorneys are not required for probate, but they have the ability to make the process easier. Our firm has over 2 decades of business law experience, and knows the ins and outs of New Hampshire business law. If you wish to create a legal document such as a will, it is important that it follows state law and is valid. Invalid wills are not considered in business litigation court, and New Hampshire will distribute your assets according to their rules. Below are commonly asked questions regarding when, why, and how to hire an experienced lawyer for your business legal needs. If you have further questions, you may contact a Concord business attorney at our firm.

Q: When do I need a lawyer?

A: When dealing with a business, a lawyer is not necessarily needed, but it can definitely make the process easier and less stressful. If you have never experienced a legal concern with your business before, it may be beneficial to you and your family members to have legal assistance throughout the process. They have the ability to assist with paperwork, obtaining correct documents, and completing the litgation process in order and in a timely manner.

Q: How do I find an attorney?

A: People often find attorneys by word of mouth. If a friend or relative has used an attorney in the past, and had a positive experience, they may recommend said lawyer. Websites such as Avvo also help clients search for highly ranked attorneys in their state. Google is also a tool that is frequently used to find lawyers. If you are searching for a business attorney in Concord, New Hampshire, you may wish to Google "Concord Business Attorney."

Q: How do I know that they are suitable for my case?

A: Lawyers and law firms often have websites. These websites usually contain information about the firm, and awards and certifications that the attorneys possess. The more experience a firm or lawyer has, the better equipped they are to handle your case.

Q: Should I ask certain questions when I initially meet my lawyer?

A: It is ideal to write down all questions and concerns you have about your case, and bring that, as well as relevant documents, to your first meeting. This way, you are organized and prepared to listen to the attorney's answers in detail. You may ask about their legal experience, as well as their willingness to take on your case. It is important that you discuss your role in the case, as well, so you know what you are expected to do. Discussing how soon your case will be resolved is also important information to obtain.

Q: What about fees?

A: Different law firms have different types of fees. For example, if a firm has fixed rates, this means that all clients are charged the same, no matter what issue a client is facing. A contingency fee is when a lawyer or firm does not charge the client any money unless the client is awarded monetary compensation. Hourly fees may include the amount of time an attorney spends with you in person, over the phone, or responding to emails. Firms and attorneys all charge differently, so you may wish to ask about their pricing when you have your initial meeting.

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